Microcomputer – Definition and Types

A Microcomputer is the latest powerful, small, and relatively inexpensive computer, these types of computers are most widely used and are also called portable computers. Microcomputer consists of three basic categories of physical equipment, i.e. system unit, input/output unit, and memory unit.

Types of Microcomputer

Desktop Computer or PC: A Desktop Computer or Personal Computer (PC) is a small, relatively economical computer, these are based on Microprocessor technology (Integrated Circuit-IC).

Laptop: These computers are also known as ultra-books or notebooks. These are portable and light-weighted. They are including rechargeable batteries, so these can work anywhere.

Handheld or Palmtop: Computer These are the smallest and are designed to fit into the palm. So, these are also known as a palmtop. They are practical for certain functions such as phone books and calendars. They use a pen for input instead of a keyboard. e.g. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), tablets, etc.

Tablet Computer: They have key features of the notebook computer, but these can accept input from a pen instead of the keyboard or mouse.

Workstation Computer: A Workstation computer is dedicated to a user or group of users engaged in business or professional work. It includes one more high-resolution display and a faster processor than a Personal Computer (PC).

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